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Former S&P Global Managing Director Michael Binz Joins Crypto Asset Rating as Corporate Adviser
In a significant development, Crypto Asset Rating (CAR), has appointed Michael Binz, former Managing Director of S&P Global, as a Corporate Adviser

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Crypto Asset Rating Inc Announces Launch of Independent Structured Rating Agency for Crypto Assets
Crypto assets are revolutionizing the way new ventures raise funds. Their biggest hurdle, rating the reliability and trustworthiness of crypto assets or any form of tokens, will soon be history...

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US Congressman Introducing Legislation to Designate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a New Asset Class
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may finally become its own asset class, if a new bill heading to the US Congress becomes law.

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G20 leaders agree to regulate crypto-assets but no mention of taxation
The G20 gathering released a joint statement that mentioned the ongoing efforts to fight money laundering using crypto assets but specific taxation plans remain absent

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Nasdaq May Launch Bitcoin Futures in H1 2019, Analysts Call it a Game Changer
Reports have suggested that Nasdaq will launch a Bitcoin futures markets in the first half of 2019, pending regulatory approval from the CFTC

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Will the US Air Force Soon Be Using Blockchain for Supply Chain?
The grad school for the United States Air Force just developed a tool to help supply chain professionals learn about blockchain. The US Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) released its free tool

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Signature Bank’s Instant Blockchain Payment System Wins New York State Approval
The upcoming settlement product will be subject to several NYDFS requirements including implementation of anti-money laundering measures.

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CFTC’s LabCFTC Releases Primer about Smart Contracts
The Primer Helps to Explain Smart Contract Technology and related Risks and Challenges

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