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Venture Capitalist: Be Patient With Crypto, Amazon Took 8 Years to Recover From 1999
Renowned venture capitalist Fred Wilson has said that crypto could go down even more in the short-term. But, investors that remain in the market will likely be rewarded, as was the case in the Dot Com

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Crypto Market Adds $12 Billion in Sizable Recovery; Major Assets Surge 10%
Over the past 24 hours, following a steep decline in the price of major cryptocurrencies, the crypto market added $12 billion to its valuation.

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New KPMG Report Is Bullish On Crypto, Says “Cryptoassets Are Now Impossible To Ignore”
KPMG, the Netherlands-based Big Four auditor, released a report on November 15 that reveals their incredibly bullish case for cryptocurrencies.

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What is the Difference between ICO Listing and ICO Rating
An initial coin offering (ICO) is quite similar to the concept of an initial public offering. The main difference is the fact that crowdfunding is in terms of a cryptocurrency rather than a fiat curre

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How will an Independent Rating Help Institutional Investors to Invest in the Secondary Market
A study conducted by Deloitte concluded that of the 26,000 blockchain projects that have been created, 92% of them are now obsolete. Blockchain systems are difficult to create from scratch as one mist

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How to Save Yourself from a Scam ICO
There are several mechanisms and technologies being implemented by blockchain-enabled systems to provide users with the privacy they expect.

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How People have Lost Money to Scam ICOs
Initial coin offerings represent a billion dollar industry. There is no regulatory committee to govern the action of companies launching ICOs and this has led to fraudulent activity. There is only so

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Ex-Google CEO: Ethereum has a Tremendous Potential
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently revealed that he's a fan of blockchain technology and digital currencies, specifically referencing the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

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