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A Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency White Papers
Anyone looking to invest in bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency has surely spent some time researching and reading about it. Entering the crypto world without any knowledge would be a crazy an

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Bitcoin Price Eyes $6.2K Amid Further Drop into Bear Territory
Bitcoin's (BTC) reversal of the recent uptrend in prices is gathering pace and a drop into a bearish territory below $6,200 is now a possibility, technical charts indicate.

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Canadian Bank Opens Deposit Box for Cryptocurrency Firms
A Canadian bank says its digital safety deposit box is ready for prime time.

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Another Warning From China’s Central Bank on Cryptocurrency Risks
Very few positive stories come out of China with cryptocurrency in the headlines. This one is no different as the central bank has continued with its rhetoric over the risks of dealing with digital cu

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Student turns $5K into $800K trading crypto, but now owes $400 in taxes
One college student turned his $5K investment into $880k but now says trading “ruined” his life as he’s facing $400k in cryptocurrency taxes.

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Pan-African Organization Launches Framework to Encourage Cryptocurrency Trade
On Nov. 2, the African Digital Asset Framework (ADAF) launched with a mandate to promote cryptocurrency commerce within the continent.

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Miners Have Begun Using Asicboost on the Bitcoin Cash Network
On Oct. 22, Bitmain released new firmware for the company’s Antminer mining rigs that enables the use of an optimization known as (overt) version-rolling Asicboost. Since then, Bitcoin Cash mining poo

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Ethereum Energy Project Now Powers 700 Households in 10 Cities
A little-known ethereum project called Lition is quietly helping real German citizens find cheaper energy.

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